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Kendra Tomlinson, Owner & Founder
(404) 569-8728

As the founder of Window Treats it has been my pleasure serving our many valued clients. What began as a small idea in 2003 to supplement by Real Estate income has grown into a dynamic business servicing clients throughout the southeast. On behalf of Window Treats I would like to thank our associates, homeowners, and the real estate community for your great support.

Stephanie Miller, Book Keeper & South Atlanta Sales
(678) 517-4145

Stephanie resides in the Henry county area servicing the Southern Crescent area. She has been selling Window Treatments for three years and works with all types of Residential and Commercial products. 

Heather Stam, NorthSide Administrator & North Georgia Sales
(404) 388-3881

Heather works not only as a sales consultant but also as the administrator at the Northside office. She takes her real estate sales and marketing experience to the streets when working with her customers. Always staying a breast of the latest trends in the window coverings industry and customizing to the needs of every home or business owner. Heather services North Metro Atlanta areas.

Lisa Forshee, West Georgia Sales
(912) 592-8747

Sherian Miller, Middle Georgia Sales
(478) 461-1999

Sherian Miller dwells in the North Macon and services the entire Middle Georgia area. She has been in sales for over 15 years with Window Treatments being her specialty for the past 8 years. She enjoys working with individual/Residential customers as well as Commercial/Industrial.

Lori Wissman, Canton, Georgia Sales
(850) 622-2345

Lori has been with Window Treats for 2 1/2 years focusing on commercial multi-family rehabs and new construction. She also has great experience with residential window treatments and would be happy to service customers in Canton, Georgia as well as the surrounding areas.

Sha Braley,
(678) 382-3125


Kevin & Jennifer McLaughlin, Destin Florida Sales
(678) 382-3125

Kevin has over 35 years of Senior Business Executive Experience. He and Jennifer have taken that experience in both wholesale and retail of Window Treatments in the Destin and Walton Area of the Pan handle coast of Florida. The Dynamic Team offers their professional services to both residential and commercial customers.

Susan Daniels, Cumming Georgia Sales
(404) 683-1554

Susan is a season real estate agent that services the 75/575/400 North Corridor of Georgia. She has taken her expertise in Real Estate and has extended her services to offering her new home purchasers window treatments. So whether you need a new home or have a home that needs window treatments, Susan would be glad to service you.

Andy Sykes, Installer and South Atlanta Sales
(404) 661-3423


Tim Moering, West Cobb Sales
(770) 652-6451


Miguel Pena, Installer
(404) 661-3423

Miguel has worked as Window Treats Master Installer for over 3 years for the North Atlanta office. Miguel has worked with several local resturant chains. He is an expert installer for Commercial and Residential installation and Window film. Miguel is fluent in Spanish and is happy to service Spanish speaking customers in the Kennesaw/Marietta area.

Rodrigo Sanchez, Installer
(404) 427-12763

Rodrigo has been with Window Treats for 3 years as an installer servicing the Metro Atlanta area. Rodrigo is a master painter by trade and uses his attention to detail in his window treatment installation. Rodrigo is fluent in Spanish and is happy to service Spanish speaking customers in the Smyrna/Marietta area.

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