Real Wood Blinds

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with our Real Wood Blinds. Our collection of 1", 2" & 2 1/2" Real Wood Blinds are the perfect selection for any contemporary or traditional room or office. They complement all kinds of decor.

All of our Real Wood Blinds are made of 100% Basswood, an American hardwood, known for the best durability and quality. These blinds are a cost-effective way to cover your windows in both your home and office.

Wood Blinds are sophisticated, lightweight, warp resistant and easy to maintain: a simple wipe of wood polish on a soft cotton cloth is all you need to keep them like new.

Solid and decorative woven cloth tapes can be added to coordinate with surrounding decor. Includes a variety of white finishes and wood tones. Optional motorization with remote control can be added to any type of wood blinds and if you are looking to increase privacy in your room our Routless-Slat option is what you need.  Also, we offer hold-down brackets (required for doors) at no cost.

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