Aluminum / Mini Blinds

Aluminum Blinds is a preferred choice for those who want privacy, light control, elegance and beauty. Made of scratch-resistant and spring tempered aluminum slats. Our 1/2" Micro, 1" Mini & 2" Aluminum Blinds are the ultimate fashion statement at a great price.

Our Aluminum Blinds come in a variety of colors and many styles enough to match any home decor. Each slat is made of a lightweight yet durable 6 or 8-gauge aluminum which provides an average amount of insulation when fully down and allow a clear view by only rotating the slats with the tilt control. They will provide you with long lasting warmth and beauty adding a visual comfort and privacy level you deserve in your home or office.

Our Mini Blinds have been treated with anti-static paint that helps to repel dust and adds a scratch resistant layer to ensure durability; they block out over 99% of incoming light for maximum privacy control. They are also heat-treated for extra "bounce-back" resilience.

These custom made aluminum blinds include color coordinating components and steel head-rail with ladder spacer which provides optimum closure, keeping light leakage to a minimum. The slats are easy to clean and provide superior privacy, room darkening, and energy efficiency.

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