Q: How do I measure for horizontal binds?

A: Depending on your mount your measurements are achieved as follows:

Inside Mount:
Inside mount installations are often preferred because the blinds take up less space in the room.

Measuring the Width and the Length for Inside Mount: For the width, measure across the top, middle, and bottom of the window opening. Using the narrowest dimension, measure to the nearest 1/8”. By using the narrowest measurement the blind will operate correctly. For the length, measure the up and down dimension on the left, center, and right side. Use the longest length measurement, measuring to the nearest 1/8”. The factory will make any appropriate deductions. Do not make any width deductions.

Outside Mount: It is recommended that at least ¾” on each side for a total of 1 ½” is added to the window opening to allow for the window opening. To allow enough space for the mounting brackets and to cover the bottom of the window, the suggested overlap for a mini-blind is at least 3” (1 ½” above the window opening and 1 ½” below the opening). If the window opening has a sill, measure from where the top of the mini-blind will be located to the top of the window sill. Outside mount installations are mounted on the wall or on the window molding. It is best to overlap the window opening at least ¾” on each side when measuring for mini-blinds.
Confirming Measurements:
The most common error in ordering blinds is reversing the width and the length measurements. Always confirm that the width is the measurement that goes across from left to right and that the length is the measurement that goes from top to bottom.

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